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Gzy Ex Silesia - Tattoo ArtistI’m Geezy a.k.a Gzy Ex Silesia. I’m Edinburgh based Tattoo Artist with a few years experience. Responsibly working at professional Studio providing best service to value the clients.
When I’m not tattooing I always try to keep myself busy with something else. Illustration, Graphic Design, Printmaking or Pyrography are only few to mention.

I had a chance to work in a various tattoo studios in UK as well as around Europe. Where I often come back to guest spot.  I have been  participating to a lot of Tattoo Conventions internationally. In a both way as a Tattoo Artist or either as a Visitor.

I love the Craft of Tattooing. The cultures that define the styles such as: Black and Grey, Old School, New School, Traditional, Traditional Japanese, Black Work and many more. I focus on Designing Process the most, where techniques, subject matter and cultural aspects are taken to consideration.
The real game is to bring tattooing into a different level. Where design inspired by various art styles coming up to an unique outcome. Graphic design, Illustration, Wood work engraving as well as graffiti sketches are my favourite one to use.

At the moment You can find me at Inkdependent Tattoo in Edinburgh, UK.

Studios I have been working or Guest Spotting at:
Flesh Tattoo Studio – Manchester, UK
This Mortal Coil Tattoo Gallery – Manchester, UK
Inkden Tattoo Studio – Blackpool, UK
1995 Tattoo Studio – Bradford, UK
Southmed Tattoo Studio – Bristol, UK
King St. Collective – Oxford, UK
Opium Tattoo Gallery – Sunbury-on-Thames, UK
Inkdependent Tattoo – Edinburgh, Scotland
Heart For Art Tattoo – Manchester, UK
Nine Owls Tattoo Tattoo – Stockport, UK

Rock’n’Ink Tattoo Studio – Krakow, PL
Silesia Tattoo – Tarnowskie Gory, PL
Inkognito Tattoo – Rybnik, PL
D3XS Tattoo Orchestra – Gliwice, PL
9th Cirlce – Krakow, PL


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